High Grade Feed Additive Probiotics Vicbinzy Powder For Improving Metabolism And Immunity Of Poultry

Short Description:

Vicbinzy Powder is a kind of probiotics for poultry to improve metabolism and immunity. It can also improve feed efficiency, decrease the offensive odor and harmful gas.

  • Composition: Clostridium butyricum 5.0×107 cfu/g, Bacilus subtilis 1×109 cfu/g, Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp 1.8×109 cfu/g.
  • Package: 1kg, 5kg.
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    This product can :

    1. promote the growth and reproduction of beneficial bacteria in intestinal tract,  inhibit pathogenic bacteria in the intestine effectively,  promote the absorption of nutrition and improve the body's immune ability and anti-stress capablity.

    2. boost immunity and improve the digestive system, improve the intestinal microbial environment, improve nonspecific immune system for poultry system repairing injury ofintestinal mucosa and boost mucosal immunity effectively.

    3. improve conversion rate, supply the enzymes needed by animals, promote the absorption and utilization of nutrients in feed, improve the conversion and efficiency of feed utilization.

    4. effectively control bacteria against the fallopian tubes, peritoneal visceral organ.


    1. 1kg of the product mixes with 1000kg feed.

    2. 1kg of the product mixes with 500kg feed(in the first three days). 

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