Veterinary Medicine Vitamin C Soluble Powder Super VC-25 For Poultry Sheep Cattles Use

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Super VC-25, also called vitamin C 25% soluble powder, used for adjuvant treatment of IB, influenza, atypical ND and various respiratory disease, as well as enhancing resistance and improving metabolism of poultry, sheep and cattles.

  • Composition (per 1g): Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) 250mg
  • Storage: In cool dry place avoid directly sunlight.
  • Package: 1kg/ bag* 24 bags/ carton
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    1. It is used for the adjuvant treatment of branch, larynx, influenza, atypical newcastle disease and various respiratory diseases or bleeding symptoms, and reduce the brittleness of capillaries.

    2. Used for the treatment of the intestinal mucosa and the adjuvant treatment of necrotizing enteritis and various intestinal diseases.

    3. The stress response caused by various factors such as high temperature, rotation, transportation, feed change, disease, etc.

    4. Used for the adjuvant treatment of various hyperthermic infectious siseases to strengthen the body’s resistance and improve metabolism.

    5. Adjuvant treatment for anemia and nitrite poisoning, combined with other antivirals, can enhance the detoxification effect.


    For poultry:

    500g per 2000L of drinking water.

    For sheep and cattles:

    5g per 200kg body weight for 3-5 days.


    1. For animal use only.

    2. Keep out of reach of children.

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