Veterinary Medicine Vitamin C Soluble Powder Super VC-25 For Poultry Sheep Cattles Use

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Super VC-25, also called vitamin C 25% soluble powder, used for adjuvant treatment of IB, influenza, atypical ND and various respiratory disease, as well as enhancing resistance and improving metabolism of poultry, sheep and cattles.

  • Composition (per 1g): Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) 250mg
  • Storage: In cool dry place avoid directly sunlight.
  • Package: 1kg/ bag* 24 bags/ carton
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    ♦ It is used for the adjuvant treatment of branch, larynx, influenza, atypical newcastle disease and various respiratory diseases or bleeding symptoms, and reduce the brittleness of capillaries.

    ♦ Used for the treatment of the intestinal mucosa and the adjuvant treatment of necrotizing enteritis and various intestinal diseases.

    ♦ The stress response caused by various factors such as high temperature, rotation, transportation, feed change, disease, etc.

    ♦ Used for the adjuvant treatment of various hyperthermic infectious siseases to strengthen the body’s resistance and improve metabolism.

    ♦ Adjuvant treatment for anemia and nitrite poisoning, combined with other antivirals, can enhance the detoxification effect.


    ♦ For poultry: 500g per 2000L of drinking water.

    ♦ For sheep and cattles: 5g per 200kg body weight for 3-5 days.


    ♦ For animal use only.

    ♦ Keep out of reach of children.

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