Universal cat food

Short Description:

Net weight : 10kg/bag
Ingredient: Egg yolk powder (including egg yolk lecithin), oats, chicken powder, soybean phospholipid powder, Psyllium seed, brewer's yeast, deep-sea fish oil (EPA&GHA), wheat germ, flaxseed powder.

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Additive composition: Lecithin, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, edible glycerin, vitamin B12, vitamin C, vitamin D3, vitamin E, light calcium carbonate, rosemary extract, isomaltitol
Product composition guaranteed value (content per kg) :
Protein ≥18%, fat ≥13%, linoleic acid ≥5%, ash ≤8%, vitamin A≥25000IU/kg, crude fiber ≤3.5%, calcium ≥2%, total phosphorus ≥1.5%, water ≤10%, vitamin D3≥1000IU/kg
Target : Applicable to all cat species
1.This product complies with pet feed regulations.
2.This product must not be fed to ruminants
3.Keep in a dry, ventilated place and away from sunlight
4.This product is for animal consumption only. Keep cat food out of reach of children
Validity Period18 months.
Product Introduction:




No grain added, allergic cats can also rest assured to use
 Brighten your cat’s eyes to prevent tears
Strengthen cat’s bones and keep your cat in shape
Promotes gastrointestinal health and reduces cat feces odor
Regulate your cat’s health and increase immunity
Feeding Guide

Recommended daily feed for adult cat(g/day)

Cat weight


Normal body weight


3kg 55g 50g 35g
4kg 65g 55g 45g
5kg 75g 65g 50g
6kg 85g 75g 55g
7+kg 90g 80g 60g


Recommended daily feed for kitten (g/day)

1-6 months


6-12 months




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