Prednisolone Tablets

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1.The drug acts on multiple tissues in the whole body, absorbs quickly after taking, and has a strong permeability
2.It takes 15 minutes to act. The effect lasts a long time. It can last up to 36 hours.
3.The drug effect is stable. Effectively reduce or inhibit the adverse reactions caused by severe symptoms and allergies.

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Specifications: 5mg/ tablet, 300 tablets/bottle 
Target:  Suitable dogs and cats 
Indications: It is suitable for the treatment of various inflammatory and allergic reactions in dogs and cats. Atopic dermatitis; Difilaria localized pneumonia; Kennel cough;Cats are born with poor appetite;Lymphoplasmacytotic enteritis and granulomatous encephalitis meningitis; It can reduce inflammatory exudation and reduce connective tissue hyperplasia.
Contraindications: Use with caution in pets with corneal ulcers, diabetes or renal insufficiency. 

Dosage: Oral administration for dogs and cats. Drink more water to promote the metabolism of drug ingredients
Various inflammation and kennel cough: 0.5-2.5mg/kg body weight, once a day;
Atopic dermatitis: 0.5-1mg/kg body weight twice a day for 5-7 days; Then 2mg/kg body weight was given every other day between 7-10 am; Then give them at one-week intervals.
Heartworm pneumonia: 1mg/kg body weight, administered once every other day for more than 3 months.
Enteritis, dehydrocholesterol poisoning, meningoencephalomyelitis: 1-2mg/kg body weight
Validity Period 24 months. 

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