GMP Veterinary Probiotics Medicine Bdellovbrio Plus Anti-Diarrhea And Ehance-Immunity Oral Liquid For Swine

Short Description:

Bdellovbrio Plus is a kind of probiotics medicine which contains plenty of viable bacteria, using to inhibits the number of harmful bacteria in intestinal tract, promote growth, and improve the body's natural immunity of swine.

  • Composition: Viable bacteria (bdellovibrio bacteriovorus, clostridium butyricum)≥6.0×107cfu
  • Package: 500ml/ bottle, 30 bottles/ carton
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    ● Bdellovibrio Plus is mainly used for diarrhea and various intestinal diseases caused by pathogenic bacteria such as e. coli, salmonella, vibrio cholerae, haemophilus, etc., especially for piglet diarrhea. It has obvious preventive effect on viral diarrhea. After piglets have been used for three days consecutively, it can be seen that the piglets are growing fast with obviously neatness, all kinds of diarrhea of the piglets are obviously reduced, the diarrhea of the piglets is directly treated with this product, and the effect is obvious, which effectively reduces the mortality problem caused by the diarrhea of the piglets.

    ● It can inhibit the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria in the intestinal tract, adjust the intestinal microecological balance, and prevent constipation in the late pregnancy of sows. After using, sows will increase the beneficial flora in the gastrointestinal tract of sows to prevent poor postpartum feeding intake, poor absorption capacity and postpartum deficiency. It also has the role of breastfeeding and improving the quality of sow milk.


    ● Prevention:

    1. For piglets: After suckling, each piglet given 2ml.

    2. For pigs with high diarrhea pressure, each given 2ml  on the day of birth for three consecutive days.

    3. Mixing with feed: Spray 0.5-1% of  Bdellovibrio Plus in complete feed or self-prepared feed.

    ◊ In the teaching trough stage, the piglet's feeding rate is 0.5%.

    ◊ To treat constipation, each sow fed with 20ml mixes per day.

    4. Mixing with water: 

    ◊ For nursery pigs: add 20 ml of  Bdellovibrio Plus to 20L of water until the end of nursery.

    ◊ For fattening pigs: add 20 ml of this product to 40L of water for 7 days a month.

    ● Treatment:

    1. For piglet bacterial diarrhea: 2ml per piglet seven days before birth, 4ml per piglet after seven days, continuous use for 3-5 days, with human medication treatment. 20ml of Bdellovibrio Plus mixed with 10L of water, continuous use for 5-7 days.

    2. For sows: 3 days before and after delivery, use 4-6ml of drinking water or mix of Bdellovibrio Plus every day. Or use 20ml of Bdellovibrio Plus for each sow 15 days before delivery to prevent prenatal constipation and non-eating (0nce a day) .


    500ml/ 500L of drinking water, for 5-7 days.

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