Carprofen chewable tablets

Short Description:

Main ingredientCarprofen
Package Strength: 75mg*60 tablets/bottle, 100mg*60 tablets/bottle
Indications: Used to relieve pain and inflammation caused by bone and joint in dogs, and to relieve pain after soft tissue and bone surgery.

1.Safe ingredients, safe to use; Can keep long-time use.
2.24 hours long analgesic effect is significant
3.Good palatability, to solve the problem of feeding drugs
Target: For dogs over 6 weeks of age
Dosage: Once a day, 4.4mg per 1kg body weight dog; Or 2 times a day, 2.2mg per 1kg of body

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Assay strength: 100mg, 75mg, 25mg   

This product is only used in dogs (do not use in dogs allergic to this product).
Other risks may occur when this product is used in dogs older than six years of age, and should be used at reduced doses and clinically managed.
Prohibited for pregnancy, breeding or lactating dogs
Prohibited for dogs with bleeding diseases (such as hemophilia, etc.)
This product should not be used for dehydrated dogs, prohibited for dogs with renal function, cardiovascular or liver dysfunction.
This product should not be used with other anti-inflammatory drugs.
Keep out of reach of children. In case of accidental ingestion, go to the hospital immediately.
Validity Period 24 months. 

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