Afoxolaner Chewable Tablets

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Main Ingredient
This product is light red to reddish brown round tablets (11.3mg) or square tablets (28.3mg, 68mg and 136mg).
Assay strength (1)11.3mg (2)28.3mg (3)68mg (4)136mg
It is used to treat the infection of canine flea (Ctenocephalus felis and Ctenocephalus Canis) and canine ticks (Dermacentor reticulatus, ixodes ricinus, hexagonal ixodes, and red pitonocephalus).
1.Beef flavor, delicious and convenient; Can be fed with food or alone
After taking it, you can bathe your pet at any time, there is no need to worry about water affecting the repellent effect
2.It takes effect 6 hours after eating and is valid for 1 month. Finish killing fleas 24 hours after taking the drug; Finish killing most ticks 48 hours after taking the drug.
3.One tablet per month, easy to feed, accurate dosage, safety protection

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Based on the amount of Afoxolaner.
Internal administration: Dogs should be dosed according to the weight in the table below, and should ensure that the dosing dose is within the weight range of 2.7mg/kg to 7.0mg/kg. Medication should be administered once a month during flea or tick epidemic seasons, depending on local epidemiology.
Dogs under 8 weeks of age and/or weighing less than 2kg, pregnant, lactating or breeding dogs, should be used according to the veterinarian's risk assessment.

Dog weight(kg) Specifications and Dosage of Tablets
11.3 mg 28.3 mg 68 mg 136 mg  
2 ≤weight≤4 1 tablet        
4 <weight≤ 10   1 tablet      
10 <weight≤ 25     1 tablet    
25 <weight≤ 50       1 tablet  
Weight > 50 Select the appropriate specification and administer the drug in combination  

Target:Only for dog

(1)11.3mg (2)28.3mg (3)68mg (4)136mg

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