High active probiotic medicines Sanqingxia liver care for livestocks

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High active probiotic medicines Sanqingxia remove mycete protect the liver, eliminate the body's toxin, relieve immunosuppression and protect the digestive system,respiratory system and urogenital system.

  • Main ingredient: Gox,Highly active probiotic,bacillus subtilis
  • Package: 500g/bag*15bags/carton
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    ♦ Livestock and poultry long-term feeding mildew or long-term use of drugs and other causes of liver swelling, edema, hemorrhage, atrophy, metamorphism, necrosi s, etc. Nutrition metabolic disorders caused by fatty liver, liver cirrhosis, liver ascites, liver bleeding, liver very brittle, etc.

    ♦ For Digestive system

     ♥ Probiotic medicines Sanqingxia in e. coli, salmonella and clostridium botulinum in the digestive tract a nd other pathogenic bacteria produce toxins to clean up,effectively prevent self-pois oning caused by loss of electrolytes, maintain stable intestinal digestion and absorp tion function, and enhance metabolism, strengthen the feed and the balance of nutr ients absorption, promote the digestive function of the liver, pancreas and spleen af ter illness recovery.

    ♦ For Respiratory system

     ♥ Sanqingxia increased alveolar gas exchange rate, protect the lungs work function, quickly reliev e respiratory organs in high temperature and respiratory acid-base poisoning cause d by hypoxia environment, promote the respiratory metabolism, prevent respiratory system disease for livestock and poultry.

    ♦ For Urogenital system

     ♥ Clean up the reproductive system of egg-type toxins, of the various kinds of inflam mation to protect uropoiesis reproductive organs from damage, especially for egg o ophoritis control effect is obvious, solves the common antibiotics is difficult to reach the urogenital system solid visceral diminish inflammation, prevention of eggshell bl ack brown spots as a result of deep reproductive system inflammation and plaque, sand preserved  egg production for layer.

    ♦ Relieve immunosuppression

     ♥ Probiotic formulated medicines repair damaged organs, organ function, improve the body immunity.This product ca n effective adsorption, inactivated, degradation of mycotoxin, avoid all kinds of livest ock and poultry because of mycotoxin damage. Such as:Chicken because mildew i nduced low fertilization rate, feed rate is low; Low feed remuneration; Foot color pa le, eggshell, egg yolk, or skin color light; Head hair removal, feathers loose chaos, etc. Pig: Forage feed mildew may induce reproductive respiratory syndrome, weaning piglets, sow false heat system failure syndrome;Pregnancy sow abortion rate increase sow oestrus interval extension;Weak young, stillbirth, thin, sof t, diarrhea; Vomiting, refus feeds, feed intake, pigs antibody level is low, produce fr ozen pig, etc.


    Mix drinking: This product 500g add water 2000L,fully mixing, free to drink.

    Mix feeding: A tonne of feed stir in 500g,use a small amount of feed premix first, t hen graduallyexpand, the uniform distribution in the feed.






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