No-Anti-Treatment Veterinary Medicine Futalin Maintain The Reproductive System For Laying Poultry

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Futalin is a good anti-inflammatory medicine only for laying poultry, which can maintain the reproductive system of laying poultry and extend the peak period of egg production.

  • Composition: specific probiotics, multi-vitamins, single molecule plant essential oil ,etc.
  • Package: 1kg/bag*10 bags/carton
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    It is used to treat oophoritis, salpingitis, enteritis, etc which caused by Escherichia coli, Salmonella, anaerobic bacteria, etc.

    • Promote the development of egg reproductive system,maintain normal physiological functions of ovaries and fallopian tubes,extend the peak period of egg production.

    • Speeds up mucosal repair,improve eggshell quality,reduce the formation of sand shell eggs, soft shell eggs, etc.Increase egg production rate.


    Excellent infiltration capacityThe product is produced with slow-releasing technology, effective penetration,effectively prevent and control salpingitis. 

     Higher securityNo antibiotics, no drug residues. Meet the current customers requirements of no-anti-treatment during the laying period.

     Strong targeting:  It has a good effect on salpingitis, oophoritis and enteritis, specific probiotics maintain intestinal health. Promote calcium secretion and shell pigmentation. Improve the color and quality of eggshells.


    1. When you find the egg production rate quality of the eggs has declined,  the eggs with sand shells,broken shells and soft eggs have increased. The fallopian tube is slightly edema after anatomy.

    Soluiton: Qingwen Jiedu oral solution+ Futalin

    Qingwen Jiedu oral liquid 500ml/ 250kg water, concentrate drink, continuous use 3-5 days 
    Futalin 1 bag/ 500kg feed, concentrate mixed feed, continuous use 4 days

    2. Regular health care for laying hens, use 4-5 days per month, cooperate with Sanqing xia, effectively improve the quality of eggshells.

    Solution: Sanqingxia+ Futalin

    Sanqingxia 500g/ 1000kg water ,concentrated drink 4-5hours 
    Futalin 1 bag/ 500kg feed ,concentrated mixed feed ,continuous use 4 days


    1kg/ 500 kg feed, concentrated use, continuous use 3-5 days.

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