As a dog owner,  maybe you feel distressed for one thing about your pet, that is—hair losing. Here are some tips for you:

  • 1. Improve the diet and try not to feed a single food or more stimulating foods for a long time. If you just feed your dog this kind of foods, which will lead to  unseasonal shedding of dog hair. You should pay more attention to feed your pet the food containing more nutrients ,such as  protein, vitamin, fat  appropriately;
  • 2. Reduce sugar-intake : dogs cannot digest too much sugar well and it will accumulate in their body, which makes the skin and the hair sparse;
  • 3. Keep regular bath: you should wash your pet at regular intervals, about 7-10 days. Washing frequently will exacerbate that problem;
  • 4. De-worming regularly, generally about 2 months once:  If a dog has a lot of parasites in its body, it will scratch to relieve the itching symptom, which will lead to hair loss.  

   Following these tips,  I’m sure you will find the condition have improved. 1659432473102



Post time: Aug-02-2022