Natural Antiviral Herbal Medicine Respiminto Oral Remedies For Respiratory Disease Of Birds Animals

Short Description:

Respiminto Oral is a natural product composed of essential oils and contributes to proper functioning of the upper respiratory system.

  • Composition: Eucalyptus oil (14%), peppermint oil (6%), l-menthol (4.5%), thyme oil (4%).
  • Storage: Store in a dry, dark place between 15℃ and 25℃.
  • Package: 500ml
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    ♦ Respiminto Oral keeps the breathing tract free from mucous, soothes the respiratory tract and has anti-inflammatory and anti-stress properities.

    ♦ Respiminto Oral decreases vaccination reactions.

    ♦ Respiminto Oral is a complete solution for respiratory distress in different respiratory diseases of bacterial and viral origin.


    ♦ This product is indicated for strengthening the respiratory system.

    ♦ Eucalyptus oil restores natural activity of the respiratory epithelium and helps to remove the mucous from the bronchial tubes.

    ♦ Menthol present in the composition has anaesthetic activity and decreases irritation of the mucous menbranes.

    ♦ Peppermint oil is used for treating certain stomach disorders like indigestion, gas problem, acidity, etc.


    ♦ For poultry: 1ml per 15L-20L drinking water for 3-4 days.

    ♦ Prepare a pre-solution by mixing 200ml of Respiminto Oral with 10L of warm water (40℃).


    ♦ Contra indications

    ◊ Avoid the simultaneous use of Respiminto Oral with live vaccines.

    ◊ Withdraw Respiminto Oral treatment tow days prior to administration of live vaccinations and withhold it for 2 days post live vaccination administration.

    ♦ Warning

    ◊ Avoid overdosing or underdosing by calculating the actual water consumption at different ages of the animals.

    ◊ Keep out of reach from children.

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