Liver Health Supplement Taurine Plus Vitamin C Liver Care for Poultry

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Liver-protecting and Detoxification Pack-Protect the liver and detoxify, repair liver damage.

  • Ingredients: Taurine, Olean, Vitamin C
  • Packing Unit: 500g
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    ♦ Liver-protecting and Detoxification Pack-Protect the liver and detoxify, repair liver damage for Poultry

    ♦ Main symptoms

    1.Enlarged and ruptured liver, sporadic deaths every day, low egg production rate.

    2.After oil vaccine immunization, more wilted chickens appeared, and the proportion of liver fragmentation increased.

    3.Low feed intake,Smaller liver, The eggshell is brittle and fragile,slow growth,high feed ratio.

    4.Necropsy common ascites, piebald liver, blackening, rupture, swelling, sclerosis and other lesions.

    5.Bacterial enteritis frequently occurs, diarrhea,Indigestible,thin intestinal wall, and easy to repeat after treatment.

    6.High incidence of waterfowl flavivirus,high mortality,Unstable treatment effect.


    ♦ Regulate liver function for Poultry

    Strengthen metabolic level, effectively reduce hepatomegaly, rupture, and sporadic death, and increase egg production rate

    ♦ Improve liver transformation ability

    Improve the digestion and absorption rate of fat-soluble substances, and assist in improving symptoms such as enteritis and indigestible.

    ♦ Activate immune cells

    Increase the vaccine immune response level by 0.5-1 titer, which can reduce the incidence of viral diseases


    ♦ Broiler health care plan: 10-day, 20-day, and 30-day-old, 3 days for each stage, fast weight gain and less disease.


    Prevention and control plan


    Days of age







    Liver-protecting and Detoxification Pack


    Ten thousand chickens/Bag


    Drink water intensively for 4-5 hours for 3 days


    5 thousand chickens/bag


    4 thousand chickens/bag

    ♦ Laying hen health care plan: use 4 days a month, 5000 chickens/bag, reduce sand shell eggs, stable egg production, and long egg production peak maintenance time.

    ♦ Add 500 grams of water to 1000 liters of water, intensively drink water for 4-5 hours, and use it continuously for 4-5 days.




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