GMP Factory Herbal Veterinary Medicine Shuanghuanglian Oral Solution for Poultry Antivirus

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Shuanghuanglian Oral Solution ,it is pungent-cool and heat-clearing, detoxicating drug.It can help enhance immunity,Used to treat high fever, non-eating, limbs and ears ends cold, cyanosis, breathing difficulties caused by viral diseases and mixed infections.

  • Composition: Honeysuckle, astragalus, houttuynia cordata, dried ginger, poria, etc
  • Package: 500ml/bottle, 30 bottles/carton.
  • HS Code: 3004909090
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     ♥Indication:It can be used for cold and effectively preventing colds.

     ♥It has high activity and uses supercritical fluid extraction technology to retain its biological activity.

    ♥It has good curative effect, rich in a variety of fat-soluble and volatile active ingredients, which can quickly increase feed intake.


    ♥7-day-old broilers: If there is a runny nose after vaccine immunization.

    Age(day) Project Usage Dosage
    9-11 Shuanghuanglian solution Drinking water for 3 days 200kg/bottle/day

     ♥21-28-day old broilers : At this time, the chicken are in a blank period of immunity, and virus disease prevention and control are required.

    Project: Shuanghuanglian solution + Ruicao jinghua ( strengthen immunity and control cold)

    Age(day) Prevention and control project Usage Administration
    22-25 Ruicao jinghua 1000kg of water/bottle Centralized drinking water
    Shuanghuanglian solution 200kg of water/bottle

    ♥When the layer poultry is clinically manifested as eyelid deformation, runny nose, egg laying rate decreasing or other symptoms.

    Shuanghuanglian solution + Futalin

    Futalin 1kg mixed with 500kg feed, continuous use for 5-7 days

     Dosage: Shuanghuanglian solution 200kg of water/bottle, drink water intensively and use it continuously for 4 days.

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