GMP Factory Anti-Bacterial Medicine SPRI POLVO Spiramycin Adipate Soluble Powder For Chicken Turkeys

Short Description:

SPRI POLVO is an antibiotics used to treat chronic mycoplasma disease in chicken and infectious sinusitis in turkeys.

  • Composition (per 1g): Spiramycin (from adipate): 4,300,000IU.
  • Package: 1000g
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    ♦ For chicken: CRD.

    ♦ For Turkeys: Infectious sinusitis.


    ♦ Growing poultry diseases: 0.600g / L.

    ◊ Turkeys: Medicate birds of 1 day during 5 days.

    ◊ Broilers: Medicate birds of 1 day during 3 days and medicate once at 4 weeks.

    ◊ Replacement chickens: Medicate birds of 1 day during 3 days. Medicate once at 9 weeks and again at 16 weeks.

    ♦ In case of outbreaks of CRD, sinusitis:

    ◊ Turkeys: Medicated water 3 days;

    ◊ Chicken: Medicated water 3 days and after vaccination 1-2 days.

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