Anti-Diarrhea Intestinal Medicine Bdellovbrio Plus Vitamins B Probiotics Compound Premix For Poultry

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Bdellovibrio Plus is an anti- diarrhea intestinal medicine, which compounds vitamins B with probiotics to protect the intestines and regulate the intestinal microecology for poultry.

  • Composition (per kg): Vitamin B1≥2g, Vitamin B2≥3g, Vitamin B6≥5g, Vitamin B12≥10mg, Nicotinic Acid≥25g, Pantothenic Acid Calcium≥10g, Folic acid≥600mg, Biotin≥300mg, Bacillus Subtilis≥109 cfu, Bdellovibrio Phage≥7×109 cfu, Clostridium Butyricum≥2×108 cfu.
  • Package: 500ml/ bottle, 30 bottles/ carton.
  • Storage: Evade the light, store in a cool place.
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    ♦ This product is mainly used in avian escherichia coli, salmonella, vibrio cholerae and other pathogenic bacteria cause diarrhea.

    ♦ Can ihibit the bacteria multiplies in the intestine, intestinal microecology regulation, reducing escherichia coli, enteritis, intestinal toxucity risk.

    ♦ The product safety green residue- free, can be used as an opening.

    ♦ According to the course o fapplication of  this product, which can effectively reduce feed conversion ratio and improve poultry daily weight and improve meat quality.


    ♦ Mixed drink: the 500ml water 500L, free for birds drank, 4-5 for a course;

    ♦ For opening baby bird: 5000 birds daily a bottle, drink freely, using 4-5 as a course of  treatment. 


    ♦ Such as a small amount of precipitation is normal, shake evenly when used.

    ♦ Please keep out of reach of children.

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